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Project Description
Enhanced Metro 7 style Skin Package for DNN Platform. This skin is based on the skin of Ali Nawaz Metro7 and was converted to a Visual Studio Project.

An Metro7 style DNN Skin package with 4 colors for DNN Platform (Dotnetnuke) 6 and above. This Skin is based on the Metro7 Skin provided from Ali Nawaz that was originally made for DNN 5.

A new Version of the Metro7 Skin Package for DNN Platform 7.1.x supporting the new jQuery and jQuery UI is released on 09/27/2013, please use the older Version for older DNN Platform Version you can find on the download page.

The Metro7 Skin package is designed to support WP7 (Windows Phone 7), a later implementation of the DNN Platform mobile API for a better Browser recognition and Font substitution is on the roadmap.

If any want to contribute into this project, please contact me in the Discussions.
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